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Aug 2012: Resin outscales C-based web server nginx in AutoBench benchmark
Feb 2012: NetCraft survey says Resin experiencing strong growth in last year and used in number of the Million Busiest Sites.
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 Resin Server | Application Server (Java EE Certified) and Web Server

resin directory layout

Standard layout and locations for Resin files.

unix layout

Sample Debian layout
/var/resin/            # Resin root-directory
  app-inf/             # custom app-tier cluster configuration and jars
  doc/                 # Resin documentation
  endorsed/            # Special overriding jar directory (uncommon)
  project-jars/        # Resin extensions to third-party projects
  resin-data/          # Resin working directory
  resin-inf/           # custom Resin-wide configuration and jars
  watchdog-data/       # Watchdog working directory
  webapp-jars/         # jars included for every web-app
  webapps/             # Application deployment

/var/log/resin/        # Resin runtime logs
  watchdog-manager.log # log for the watchdog
  jvm-app-0.log        # log for the server named "app-0"

/etc/resin/            # Resin configuration     # configuration properties
  resin.xml            # main configuration file
  app-default.xml      # documentation for web-app default
  cluster-default.xml  # common configuration for all clusters
  health.xml           # health system rules, meters, and actions
  keys/                # openssl keys
  licenses/            # Resin licenses
/etc/init.d/resin      # Unix init startup service

/usr/bin/resinctl      # Resin command-line script

/usr/share/resin/      # resin-home
  bin/                 # Resin startup scripts
  lib/                 # Resin jars
  libexec64/           # Resin jni binaries


The resin-data directory contains Resin's internal data, including deployed webapps, the health system data, and distributed caches.

If Resin's internal data becomes corrupted, you can remove the resin-data directory to reset the state. If you have multiple servers in a triad hub, the reset server will restore its values from the other servers.

When Resin is deployed in a Unix environment, the resin-data will typically be in /var/resin/resin-data.

example resin-data
  app-0/          # each named server gets its own section
    .git/         # web-app deployment .git repository
    distcache/    # distributed cache directory
      data.db     # distcache value data
      mnode.db    # distcache key/value binding
    log/          # health system log
      log_data.db # log entries
      log_name.db # log names
    stat_data.db  # health statistics data
    stat_name.db  # health statistics names
    tmp/          # temp swap directory
    xa.log.a      # XA log

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